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Consultant Based Medical Affairs Services

  • Development of Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) critical to establishing the foundation of a product prior to launch.
  • Implementation of selection strategy of (KOLs) based on influence and recognition within given therapeutic area.
  • Determine KOLs development as multinational, or specific to product.
  • Provide drug information and adverse event reporting.
  • Act as liaison to the FDA in the drug approval process.
  • Regulatory Consultant Services
  • Represent Pharmaceutical Companies to US government organizations including but not limited to FDA and NIH, and NORD, Medicaid, Privatized Insurance Carriers, lobbyists, representatives of Congress, and terminalofficers of the country.
  • Liaise between medical and pharmaceutical product companies and SIG or advocacy groups to maximize scientific message and product utility.

Professional Medical Business Broker Services

Assisting Buyers to:

  • Pair buyer interest to market availability.
  • Find businesses that meet determined criteria.
  • Analyze market potential and licensing and agreement options.

Assisting Sellers to:

  • Prepare their business for sale.
  • Arrive at a value for their company.
  • Screen and select other members of the sales transaction team.
  • Prepare necessary documentation in order to market the company.
  • Interview, qualify, and inform prospective buyers.
  • Attend relevant meetings and complete necessary paperwork.
  • Negotiate details, while managing the due diligence process.
  • Coordinate closing activities.

Professional Meeting Planning

  • Act as a trusted liaison for pharmaceutical companies needing to establish relationships with patient advocacy groups, or special interest groups (SIGs) necessary for establishing products specific to disease or condition.
  • Provide all logistics and planning for Advisory Board meetings, Consultant Meetings, Educational Meetings, and other professional meetings including:
  • Program Design
  • Site Selection and all logistics for food and meeting arrangements.
  • Pre-Meeting Planning
  • Transportation
  • Attendee Communication
  • On-site Management


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